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As You Know I am building my team again. My team is built strong! This week and no later I need 1 person who:

Is a self starter
Is goal oriented
Is ready to run with me
Who knows a lot of people
Is serious
Is not afraid of someone telling them No
Who will not let someone tell them they can’t do this
Who wants to make an average pay of $2,000 by March 31st
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Who wants to do it all by helping people get healthy
Who wants to lead others do the same thing you do.
A team player

You will have a HUGE! team of support. Lots of resources. I will be right here with you and so will my upline who will also be your upline. So really think about it. Think about why you need this. Call me. Message me. Lets talk. 218-329-2497 There is NOTHING you can’t do with God on your side. If you need this and you want it. I’m here to help you get it! The possibilities are endless. You never know until you try!