Contour your Curves! 

🎉If you are looking for a way to #contour your #curves & get that #sexy body then this is for you! We all have a little something about our body that we wish we could #change. The Ultimate Body Applicator will give you toner, tighter, and firmer skin in only 45 minutes! 👙 The best part is you can get all my products at wholesale cost by signing up as a #LoyalCustomer! Text #WRAP to 218-329-2497 📱 to save $40 on a box of four #wraps now!! 🎉

Work from Home 

Looking for 3 mommy’s who want to earn an extra income every month and work to be a stay at home mommy!! First come serve!

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Checkout her results after only 31 days on our all natural supplement Hair Skin and Nails!!! With 5000mcg of biotin this is incomparable to any other product out there!!! Check out the link in my bio! Text “HAIR” to 218-329-2497 to find out how you can save 40% off of the retail price or email me at for more information!  


More Than Wraps! 

🌿We are more than just wraps🌿

Let us break it down to show you what specific products in our line would be perfect for you!

Belly pooch, muffin top, love handles or thick thighs-The WRAPS

any saggy or loose skin and Cellulite-WRAP or Defining Gel

Stretch Marks or scarring-Stretch Mark and Moisturizing Cream

Poor eating habits-Fat Fighters

Stress, focus or anxiety-Confianza

Short hair, dry hair or brittle nails-Hair Skin Nails

fine lines and wrinkles around the lip and eyes-Lip and Eye Cream

Sagging or puffy eyes-Lip and Eye Cream

Uneven skin tone, wrinkles, or dry skin-Facial Applicator and Peel

Weight-loss-Thermofit and Greens

This is only a handful of all the products we offer. Just like the Skinny Wrap, they ALL WORK and FAST!!!! The great thing about becoming a Loyal Customer is you get all of our products at the wholesale price.

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Testers Wanted

I am looking 👀 for a few more friends to be #ItWorks testers to try one product for 3⃣ months at my wholesale price in exchange for your honest testimony. 💕 If you are:

✳️1. A #mom or mom to be who wants to get rid of #stretchmarks. 🍼

✳️2. Someone who wants to lose 15+ pounds in three months. 👙

✳️3. Someone who wants help with focusing and managing #stress. 🙀

✳️4. Someone who wants help growing out their #hair. 💇

✳️5. Someone who wants to diminish #cellulite. 

✳️6. Someone with #acne that wants clear #skin. 💁

✨Text me if you are interested! 💕📲(218)329-2497✨ 


Models Wanted!


🏄🎣 I need 👬MEN👬and WOMEN👭 to use our skinny wraps and share your progress with me (your face and name will not be used if you wish they not be).

Doing this will get you my WHOLESALE pricing on the skinny wraps and all other products that we carry. The model’s I’m needing will be involved with a 90 day skinny wrap challenge.

Just use 1⃣ wrap per week throughout the 90 days and keep me updated on your progress!! What’s amazing?? You get to pick what area you’d like to tighten tone and firm. Your arms, back, tummy, legs, neck, it’s completely up to you…

If you’re interested in becoming a skinny wrap model, please comment below or private message me. Being a skinny wrap model gives you the opportunity to get BOXES OF WRAPS FOR FREE!! I’m so so excited for you to try these skinny wraps at my discount!!! BRING ON SUMMER!!




Text “model” to 218-329-2497